The Facebook dislike button is one of the functions that people desperately wanted on the social network.

The good news is that we have seen such a function recently, the bad news is it will not be exactly what we wanted.

When Facebook announced that the button “like” will no longer be the only button on Facebook, everyone hoped that the “dislike” button will become a reality.

But Zuckerberg was not prepared to introduce it then and limited the features to `feelings` buttons: sadness, anger, love, awe and ha ha.

It seems, however, that Facebook dislike button will be implemented, but in a form that we did not think we could ever see it.

Specifically, Facebook dislike button will arrive into the inbox and can now be slipped into conversations.

The news comes from Tech Crunch. The newspaper announced that this function has already reached some lucky users.

The Facebook dislike button is not, however, the only button that will appear in the inbox.

All the reactions that are now available in your newsfeed will also exist in the conversations boxes.

The users will be able to use these to every replica. For example, instead of answering “yes” to a simple question, you can reply with a “like”.

Asked about the new reactions, Facebook representatives said that the messages reactions have reached a handful of users and if they will appreciate and use them, they will introduce them to the rest of the world.

Regarding the dislike button, the company spokesmen said that it is merely a “no” button.

It remains to be seen if such a button will eventually arrive.