Gwen and Blake have announced their wedding will take place this year, but we have not heard a thing about a possible date so far.

So many have asked if this wedding will ever take place.

Well, the answer is yes, but it’s true that the date of the event was indeed postponed.

Wondering why?

Well, because the two seem to have some other plans right now.

Plans related to the fact that they will become parents first.

Yes, according to the sources cited by “Life & Style” magazine, Gwen Stefanie and Blake are planning to become parents.

“This is their priority right now”, said the source.

Unfortunately, their plans are not too close to being accomplished, because Gwen apparently encountered some problems in getting pregnant.

“She is determined to become a parent at any cost, even if Blake told her it does not matter if they adopt one or go for a surrogate mother”, added the source.

Allegedly, Gwen Stefanie tried for over a year to get pregnant and has already resorted to in vitro fertilization treatments.

“Mentally and emotionally it’s too much for her. So she’s trying to get pregnant naturally at this moment”.

Gwen Stefanie has three sons from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

However, this is not the only reason that these two do not rush to reach the altar.

It seems that Stefanie tried to spend more time with her three boys to make sure they got used to the idea of her ​​divorcing their father.

“Gwen wants to be 100% sure the guys are ready for her marriage with Blake”.


  1. That’s great for Gwen to consider the feelings of the children before entering into another marriage. Of course with age as well, it can be the reason for infertility however anything is possible right now, like I got pregnant with the help of conceiveeasy before trying this we tried naturally for a year and nothing was happening.