Mariah Carey keeps surprising us with every day that passes.

Her latest move was to buy her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, a shocking present.

So, when the artist is not home, Bryan can play with the new gift her received from his girlfriend.

Wonder what gift we’re talking about? That is a real-size doll, which reproduces – oddly good – the real Mariah Carey.

Apparently, Mariah Carey will do anything to keep her boyfriend interested in their relationship.

That’s right, Mariah Carey decided Bryan would enjoy a $ 10,000 doll that sings, looks and talks exactly like her.

“The doll uses Mariah’s favorite lines such as <<Mimi misses you!>>, <<Where’s my champagne, honey?>> or <<You’re fabulous, love!>>.

So the things would get even more strange, the doll even sings Bryan’s favorite songs, such as “Dream Lover” or “Hero”, says a close friend of the couple.

And if Bryan may feel the need to play the dress-up game, the doll Mariah comes with the most glittering outfits.

What does the dancer feel about this gift?

“One of the things Bryan adores in Mariah is her sense of humor. He believes that the doll is funny and even thinks about taking her out for a drink when his “original lover” is missing from home.”

Hmm, we didn’t see this coming.

Apparently, “Mimi” doll, in the natural-sized version of Mariah Carey is something that the artist is really proud of.

However, a representative of the artist denied the veracity of this story.

But, we all know that Mariah would never recognize it even if it was true!