The most publicized phone launched at MWC 2017 phone was, without a trace of doubt, Nokia 3310, nicknamed `the brick`.

With an updated configuration and simplistic design, the device may cause huge waves in the market.

Besides three smartphones that would be able to compete against Android, HMD Global also announced a fourth phone. The mysterious device is meant just for making phone calls.

The latter is called Nokia 3310 and it’s meant to be a reference to the most popular phone ever created, Nokia Brick.

In his time, the original version, 3310, was considered a top gadget.

Nokia 3310 will arrive on the market in a few weeks, at a price of about $ 50.

Due to the very high interest for the device and the fact that many business users still have a thing for old mobile phones, a Russian company announced a $ 1700 version of the same gadget.

So, the Nokia brick version shown in the picture above is not any faster, nor more capable than the $ 50 version.

Instead, it will be covered with precious materials.

Also, the luxury model will integrate a series of details designed to increase its value.

Those from Caviar were in charge with launching this model, the same folks that, in the past, declared themselves proud of the overly expensive versions of iPhone and Galaxy S.

Nokia 3310 Caviar Supremo Putin, like all the other handsets `beautified` by Caviar, is an homage to the supreme leader of Russia.

It will have a housing made of gold and titanium. The edges will be made of gold, and Putin’s face will be seen from a distance on the rear surrounded by his full name – Vladimir Putin Valdimirovitch.

Basically, on a plate made of the same material, you will be able to read in Cyrillic the precious verses of the national anthem of Russia.

At the same time, the new Nokia Brick 3310 will hit the market, the version of the Caviar will also be available for purchases.

In addition, the latter will be delivered in a box of red lacquered wood, that’s meant to look very exquisite.