A video emerged and shows the president having a huge fight with his senior staff. On Friday, Trump lashed out at his team after all week long, there were accusations coming towards the White House about the links with Russia.

The video captures them in the Oval Office. Steve Bannon was there along with other members of the staff. Bannon seemed to be involved in a heated argument, yelling and having his whole face red.

The Press Secretary was also there, along with Jared Kushner, his senior adviser. Even Ivanka was present.

According to rumors, the president stormed off the room and rushed to an Air Force One. He told Bannon that he is not taking him to Florida.

It seems like the president visited Mar-a-Lago again, his favorite place to think things through.

The following day, after the heated argument, he posted several tweets, blasting the former president. He accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his Tower prior to the elections and even called him ‘sick’.

All week, Trump was furious about all the accusations pointed at his staff about Russia. Jeff Sessions was asked to resign by several political figures.

The president did not have a very good week. He had to give a speech at the Congress, had several meetings and dealt with accusations being thrown at his staff. However, blaming Obama of such thing was no good.

Since then, Obama’s spokesperson called the claims fake.

Another tough week is coming Trump’s way as rumors say he plans on signing another executive order about the immigration ban.