A billboard located on the side of a highly circulated road in Mexico was attacked by hackers.

Having too much imagination, the guys came out with a shocking idea.

They disseminated a pornographic material for several minutes.

We do not know if the purpose of the video was destabilizing the circulation on that crowded area.

Anyway, we rejoice that their action has not resulted in any casualties or accidents.

The video displayed a woman who was using an electric toy, according to hackread.com.

It is relevant to mention that along with the video, the passersby saw the warning page from TeamViewer.

That was the proof that the digital billboard was not necessarily attacked by hackers, but that someone has used the computer in charge of that specific billboard.

The fact is that the naughty ad seemed to brighten the day of those who happened to pass by the area at that exact time, as many reported on their social media accounts.

This was certified by the many videos posted on social networks, especially on Twitter.

Although there was no material damage, displaying pornographic materials on the roads is a dangerous and immoral matter.

Grupo Carteleras, the folks who owned that digital billboard, soon found that they were hacked and contacted the authorities to investigate the problem.

They also posted a message on Twitter, through which they informed about the hackers’ attack, apologizing for the possible discomfort they have caused to the drivers.

Whether it was hacked or not, the company should conduct an investigation to verify how and why TeamViewer posted that warning message on the screen.

In addition, it should be taken into account that someone inside the company would have been behind this incident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a billboard is broken by hackers to spread pornographic material.