He is one of the hottest singers of the moment, as his songs echo worldwide.

Until recently, nobody knew that underneath his looks of a good boy hides a sucker for tattoos.

Ed Sheeran’s body is covered with a whole collection of colorful tattoos, which are more or less crazy, but all with a special significance.

So, the artist, who took the charts in Europe by storm since his 2011 song “The A Team”, quickly passed from the romantic guy playing the guitar to the super tattooed boy, idolized by a lot of fans.

In his newest video for “Shape of You”, which, one month after the release gathered over 284 million views on YouTube, we could have a sneak peek at Ed’s impressive tattoos while training at a punching bag.

Surprisingly, the singer aged 26 years has more than 60 tattoos and does not want to stop here.

But, none of them is made randomly, each drawing has a story behind.

So, Ed revealed some of his tattoos colorful history.

“You would have never seen them if I was wearing a costume. If I would not have taken the shirt off for this video clip, then nobody would know I have so many tattoos”, said Ed.

Here are some of the artist’s tats!

To mark the three sold-out concerts at Wembley Stadium in July 2015, Ed got a tat on his chest embodying a lion: “England’s ensign has three lions, so I made one myself”, he said singer.

A cute teddy bear lies under the tree tat and is a representation of the artist’s childhood nickname, “Teddy”, while the tree is his family tree.

Furthermore, the green leaves that surround his “Festina Lente” tat symbolize the circle of life.

Also, in honor of his 2012 tour with Snow Patrol, Ed wanted a snowflake.