Most people can not survive without food, but the story of Angus Barbieri shows that certain limits can be exceeded in special circumstances that are difficult to explain by the doctors.

Angus Barbieri somehow managed to survive 382 days without eating.

While occasionally taking supplements of sodium and potassium, drinking sparkling water, coffee and tea, which are basically non-caloric drinks, he managed to survive on this dangerous diet.

He followed this diet driven by the desire to reach the ideal weight.

Before the so called diet, Angus weighed 208 kilograms.

After the nightmarish diet, he finally accomplished his dream and reached 83 kilograms.

This shows that human limits vary and are difficult to identify.

However, one thing is set in stone, namely that without water, the chances of surviving more than a week are minimal.

Although Barbieri’s case is not very well documented by doctors, we cannot pass by this story without feeling shocked.

First, Angus turned to doctors’ help for losing weight.

But, apparently, he skipped their advice and did it his way.

The measures doctors told the patient to apply were taken to the extremes, as Barbieri was very motivated to reach his ideal weight.

Occasional tests on him showed the doctors at the hospital that Angus’ way might work, although he was hypoglycemic.

This extreme diet is medically absurd, although back in 1965 doctors used to believe that going without food for long periods of time might be a possible treatment for obesity.

In a sense, this stories shows us the remarkable ability of our bodies to survive on the basis of the existing stocks of fat in the organism.

Although there are these isolated but impressive cases, extreme diets are fatal.