Marion Cotillard filled her lips to resemble Angelina Jolie?

The actress always had full lips, so we would never thought that she’d choose to resort to such a measure.

However, the latest photos posted by Marion Cotillard on the social networks gave us a clue that the actress, aged 41 years, augmented her lips.

She is totally changed, but in a not-so-good way!

So, Marion Cotillard displayed her lip job in front of the netizens! The French star has taken some selfies that she later uploaded on her social media accounts.

By doing so, she wanted to let her fans know that her newest movie project, Rock’n Roll, is on.

Marion Cotillard is currently working on the set together with her husband, director and screenwriter, Guillaume Canet.

This is how the actress looks like now. The change is noticeable.

However, the point is that her fans did not appear seduced by the actress’ new look. Many even accused her of injecting her lips.

To some extent, they are right: the result is not pleasant at all. “Good Lord, what did you do with your lips?”, “Are you trying to look like Angelina Jolie or smth?”, “Why on earth did you do that?”, “Your lip job looks so bad, you had some naturally gorgeous lips. I hate Kylie Jenner for setting this stupid trend”.

These are just some of the reactions aroused by the photos posted by Marion Cotillard.

Although the change is obvious, the actress’ representatives denied the rumors.

However, UsWeekly contacted the actress’ spokesman and he denied the alleged lip job. Her PR said that the augmented lips are not the result of any surgery.

Shall we believe them?