It’s a great thing reaching the venerable age of 90 years and still be fearless and have the courage to stick to your lifelong passions.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth is one lucky woman that doesn’t give up her hobbies under any circumstances.

In less than a month, Queen Elizabeth will turn 91 years old.

However, adding one more year to her age did not prevent her from enjoying her oldest passion: riding the horse.

We all know how much the British monarch loves riding, so it was no surprise to see her, again, besides her beloved Fell pony, named Emma Carltonlima, on the green pastures near Windsor Castle.

On her morning ride, Queen Elizabeth II was accompanied by the loyal Terry Pendry, who handles the royal stables.

Properly dressed for a ride, with a silk scarf on her head and riding boots, Queen Elizabeth brilliantly coped with the low temperatures and the unstoppable rain.

The bad weather conditions did not prevent her from enjoying the green fields surrounding Windsor Castle.

We recall that riding the horse is one of the oldest passions of Queen Elizabeth, who fell in love with horses since she was four years.

Back then, Elizabeth was given a Shetland pony, who she named Peggy.

However, it is true. In the recent years, the queen’s riding hours have diminished because of her advanced age and her medical condition.

But, taking all these into account, not a single season passes by without Her Majesty to enjoy a few good hours of riding, reminding her of the youth, glorious years.