Trying to find a creative solution to motivate children not to drop litter on the ground anymore, a team of developers has created Tetra Bin.

Although the street cleaning situation in most western countries is not as severe as in many other places, there are still people who keep ignoring the rubbish bins.

It seems completely irrelevant that they are installed at distances of a few meters.

For this reason, a lesser known company decided to make the bins … interactive.

The first bins were created by Senncity.

Apart from the fact they are interactive, the bins come bundled with an interesting game.

So, in the long term, these could remedy the problem of the garbage thrown randomly on the streets.

Apparently, these bins are some smart, internet-connected devices that can transform the throwing the trash experience in a video game.

This is possible through a curved panel that envelops the bin on all its sides.

A bushy set of sensors complete the interactive equation.

Furthermore, the purpose of the latter is to record the exact time an object is thrown into the trash and to translate those objects on the screen.

The game is actually quite simple and it could fascinate the youngest of us.

At the base of the screens are a few dogs that seem to be pretty hungry. But, there are also some bats flying above them, making the task of feeding the animals more difficult.

Even in these circumstances, ambitious children will try to throw the trash in such a way as to avoid the bats and feed the dogs.

So, every object thrown on the screen will turn into chicken thighs.