Uber, the most famous and recent private transportation platform, introduced a software development kit to remove the officials who hold an illegal version of the application.

Uber’s programmers and management staff began to develop a system for protecting against all interferences from the outside.

The program, called Grey ball, can find out the credit card information, habits, data about the user, such as location, profile, social relations and even phone numbers.

Their main reason was to identify and remove the undercover agents involved in their job, but also the potential competitors.

Based on both the extracted data and the information received from the users regarding the location of the officials, technology has managed to identify numerous undercover agents who wanted to report Uber services in cities where this service is considered illegitimate.

Once a user has been classified as unwanted, the software sends a simulated version of the app, where images of the vehicles are not real and the attempts of booking a ride are not responded to.

Basically, this program will only mislead the illegitimate users, until they voluntarily renounce their try to trick the system.

“This program rejects the calls from fraudulent individuals who do not respect the terms of our service. Those who have in mind to affect the smooth running of our operations, thereby causing trouble to their legitimate drivers or those opponents colluding with the authorities to make us fall into the trap, will definitely have no further access to our application and services”, stated an Uber representative.