3D printed things enthusiasts will be glad to know that they can now purchase a 3D printed house created by an American startup company.

In the past, many companies were able to 3D print various components which were subsequently used when building a house.

However, ApisCor reached the performance to 3d print and assamble an entire house in 24 hours.

The San Francisco-based company has resulted in a settlement project in Russia.

The major premiere is that prefabs were not used, nor was used an older housing foundation.

The secret lies in 3D printing technology.

For this house, the builders used a 3D large, mobile printer that worked on authentic cement.

Using this material that we all know, workers made the outside walls, partitions of rooms and other interior components.

They have participated in painting the building and installing new electrical and plumbing systems.

The outer insulation has also been made by the people.

But, these details matter less, given that the entire project was materialized in just 24 hours.

Finally, workers assambled a small house, a little bigger than a hotel room, with an area of ​​37 square meters.

Even so, the folks from ApisCor wanted to mention that the entire system is scalable and can be used to obtain much larger homes.

As a reference, the price of the house was $ 10,134, of which the largest part of the budget was reflected in the entrance door and the windows.

Finally, 3D printed house was completely furnished with the help of the Samsung, who came forward with a refrigerator and a TV.

Beware, cause 3D printed things might soon take over the world!