empower women

Air India just made a major breakthrough. The airline announced their historic moment.

According to CNN, on Monday, February 27th, a flight from New Delhi to San Francisco featured a team that was entirely made of females. The plane was a Boeing 777.

Five days later, on Friday, the same flight returned from San Francisco to the Indian city. The same crew was on the route.

The staff was entirely female. The captains, the controllers of the air traffic, the staff from the cabin, absolutely every member was female.

Air India shared a couple of pictures on their official Twitter account. They announced this historic moment they made. They wrote that this is yet another step they made in their plan to empower women and encourage them to go further.

The airline also described how the flight went. It took about fifteen hours and covered a distance of about 15300 km. There were four captains in total: Sunita Narula, Indira Singh, Gunjan Aggarwal and Kshmta Bajpai.

All the departments featured women. There were eight in total.

The company is so proud of their breakthrough, that they want to add it in the Guinness Book of records. Their spokesperson confirmed this decision.

The flight that departed on February 27th was the first one in a series of routes led by females that are going to celebrate women just in time for the International Women’s Day.

This is not only a major thing for the company, but for women as well. There a tendency that is observed worldwide to empower women.