If it’s not Marion Cotillard the one who destroyed the marriage of Jolie and Pitt, then it’s the actress’s bodyguard.

Or, at least, that’s what the tabloids claim these days, in a desperate desire to solve the mystery of the separation between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

After being 12 years in their tumultuous relationship, Angelina filed for divorce.

Nobody knows why, but it seems the divorce brought some good things in their lives as both look phenomenal after the divorce.

Angie stated that Brad will always be “her family”, so we guess her statement was intended to put an end to any gossip, of course.

But, apparently, critics still want to find a culprit, at all costs.

So, the one who would “most likely” be found guilty, is none other than the actress’ bodyguard, who, they say, would have exceeded his attributions.

According to rumors, the bodyguard has feelings for Angie for more than two years, although their relationship apparently started a few months ago.

‘This man was by Angie’s side since he started working as a bodyguard for her in September 2014. They had an immediate connection! Over the years, he became Angelina’s crying shoulder, her support in the midst of the storms caused by the divorce’, stated several tabloids.

And, that’s not all, according to other witnesses.

Angelina seems really in love with him.

“He makes her feel safe. The children love him and obey him. Angelina’s heart has been conquered,” added our source.

And, the feelings are mutual, of course. The bodyguard in question would do anything for the actress.

Angie was seen alongside her bodyguard for the first time in 2014, when she and her husband, Brad Pitt, were filming the movie “By the Sea”.

Recently, the man also accompanied her to the press conference of the movie “First they killed my father.”

So, did Angie really cheated? Or did she jump into another relationship only a few weeks after the divorce? Either way, it’s not a nice thing coming from you, Jolie!