Even if sports analysis seems to be an area where we only get raw statistics, artificial intelligence will change that.

Standard statistics that you see in a football game, such as blows to the gate or fouls committed by each team, are a way of analyzing sports from a statistic point of view.

But, these are insufficient data to provide suggestions for the players and the teams.

Researchers think they could change that. AI solves one more problem.

They have created a system that uses a deep learning AI system to analyze the decision-making process of the athletes.

With enough training, based on the past actions of a player, the neural networks can predict future movements and create simulations based on the usual performances of the player.

If a team has gone through a weak game, they can compare their actual movements with the predicted actions by using the application, to discover where they could improve their game.

For example, Toronto Raptors basketball team already uses a system of manual simulations.

By using it, coaches are able to mark the places where the players should have been in order to achieve better performances.

The new AI technology eliminates this effort, creating simulations in real time.

The system can be used in football or other sports, where the continuous game can give rise to predictions that erode over time.

The initial results are quite promising. The predictions made by AI can address the defensive, offensive and beyond.

Thus, coaches will be able to give more precise advice to players on the field, thus solving problems to which, otherwise, they would not be able to find viable solutions.