If you’re wondering what color should your next car have, you may want to know that your car tint can make a difference when it comes to the risk of road accidents.

A survey conducted on taxis in Singapore for a period of 36 months, showed that yellow vehicles have up to 9% fewer collisions.

As mentioned by the authors of the study, this discovery could play a significant role when it comes to choosing the colors of the cars destined for public transportation.

And yes, this could save many lives, but also spendings of large amounts of money.

The studies conducted in the past have argued that cars that have certain colors are more often involved in accidents.

But, this research has a huge flaw.

For example, if you tell people that white cars are safer, the drivers concerned about their own good will buy white cars, and so there will be fewer accidents in which white vehicles will be involved.

In addition, studies of this kind have a bigger problem because they do not have the information needed to realize the accurate distribution of color and frequency, so that the conclusions reached are not valid.

However, this study is different because it largely bypasses these limitations.

They analyzed the accidents involving the cars belonging to the largest taxi operator in Singapore.

The company uses both yellow vehicles and some blue ones.

Analyzing the data on the occurrence of accidents, the researchers found that yellow taxis were involved in fewer accidents than the blue ones.

A careful assessment has shown the researchers that most accidents of this kind were due to the inability of other road users to detect the presence of blue taxis.