The decease of the famous George Michel has finally been elucidated.

After more than two months after the tragic disappearance of the singer and numerous investigations related to the possible causes of his death, it seems that the authorities had reached a final conclusion.

The verdict was expected both by his family and the whole world.

The investigators eliminated any controversial theory about the suspicious circumstances of George Michel’s death, saying that a possible crime was clearly eliminated off the list.

George Michel apparently died of natural causes as a result of his heart and liver problems.

The doctor’s report revealed this information after a thorough examination of the singer’s body.

The doctors said the pop legend was suffering from myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy with a fatty liver.

In an official statement, the coroner said: “The expertise related to the death of George Michel has ended as we have received the final post-mortem report. Because the natural cause of death has been confirmed, the investigation is interrupted. Also, no further investigation will be needed.”

The singer died on Christmas Day last year at the age of 53 years, at his home in Oxford.

The investigations into his death have postponed his family’s plans of funerals.

So far, his body was kept for tests, so specialists could be able to accurately determine whether the drugs contributed to Michel’s death or not.

Now, that the investigation had ended, George’s family found tranquility and can bury the singer’s body in peace.