What have you done to your hair, Kristen Stewart?

The worldwide known actress from “Twilight” shocked her fans again, only this time by adopting a major change of look.

We do not know what exactly is happening with Kristen and why did she choose to give up her hair.

All we can say is that the actress is beautiful anyway, even if she resembles a blonde guy now.

She became famous after starring alongside Robert Pattinson in “Twilight” series, but increased her fame after the rumors that she would have cheated on Robert, her partner in real life.

Also, Kristen Steward is considered to be a controversial figure because of her recent inclination in women – she has a relationship with one of Victoria’s Secret bunnies, Stella Maxwell.

It is true that the actress has gone through some transformations throughout her career, from her first, nice appearances with long, brown hair and a discreet makeup, to bob haircuts.

But now, she exceeded our expectations and opted for a radical change: Kristen is almost bold now.

And, it seems that Kristen Stewart does not regret the decision at all, for she appeared very confident, with a diva attitude at the premiere of her new movie “Personal Shopper” in Los Angeles.

The event was held yesterday and the actress turned all the heads throughout the night, because nobody expected to see her with this haircut on the red carpet.

Aged 26 years, Kristen Stewart is was almost unrecognizable with her hair trimmed that suits her rebellious attitude.

She opted for a top simple bustier, pants with high waist and stiletto shoes.

Undoubtedly, we are not the only ones who appreciate the courage of the artist.