Facebook will incorporate a platform through which refugees will have a robot lawyer to help them make informed decisions in accordance with the existing laws in the state where they are.

Governments and politicians have failed to tackle the ongoing crisis of refugees.

And, this fact is proven by the very large numbers of people (about 65 million) who were forced to leave their homes to seek a better life for themselves and for their children.

But, fortunately, where authorities failed, there were some private initiatives that came up with creative solutions.

Joshua Browde proved this through a specially designed robot which gives legal advice to refugees, free of any charge.

Apparently, this bot provides guidance through Facebook Messenger platform.

The robot lawyer addresses the refugees a series of questions that allows him to find out what forms they have available or whether they are eligible for protection.

Furthermore, the robot lawyer uses the information available to automatically complete the forms and also deals with sending the papers on the behalf of his clients.

However, this is not the first initiative of its kind.

Last year, the robot attorney has built a reputation after he successfully challenged over 180,000 fines.

And now, the same young entrepreneur, aged only 19 years, announced he is working on a system that allows artificial intelligence to help refugees understand the legal procedures of the country where they are located in.

Consequently, the integration of this software into Facebook Messenger platform was born from its accessibility and from the fact that it’s being used by over a billion people.

Although Browde is aware of the issues that might arise with the use of Facebook, he mentions that users’ privacy and ensuring personal information is guaranteed.

All in all, this new feature is, for the moment, only available in some countries.

It represents an ideal solution for refugees who want to start a new life, in a foreign country.