Yesterday was the day the folks at Wikileaks news published an archive of documents detailing the hacking tools secretly used by the CIA.

Wikileaks has a long history when it comes to publishing confidential documents related to the work of governmental agencies in the United States.

Although they no longer made the headlines last year, the latest set of revelations will certainly make waves in the coming weeks.

Given the heightened sensitivity of the files, a very careful analysis will be necessary in order to certify their authenticity.

The new set of documents is called Vault 7 and, according to the official description, appears to be the first part of a series of revelations called Year Zero.

In total, we’re talking about 8761 files in text format that you can download the torrent as a 7zip archive.

The file is encrypted, but the password can be found in a post on Twitter.

As expected, the documents are quite technical and the language is not very accessible, but those from TheHackerNews have already posted an overview of the materials.

WikiLeaks officials said that the documents come from a trusted network of the CIA headquarters.

Mostly, the files reveal the vulnerabilities of iOS, Android and Windows, which are often exploited by the US authorities to access the files of suspects in various cases.

Also, Wikileaks news detailed some methods used by the CIA to remotely access the information stored on smartphones and solutions of decrypting messages sent via WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc.

By using hacking solutions on smartphones, the audio conversations and messages are transmitted and recorded by the CIA before being encrypted in the applications listed above.

If you do not have the patience to navigate through the archive of thousands of documents, on the Wikileaks news website you will find the most disturbing details.