There is only a matter of time until cars will be able to fly. Airbus already came up with a super-taxi that flies with the help of drones.

They recently released the gorgeous vehicle. People got to see the spectacular car at the Geneva Motor Show.

It is entitled Pop. Up and features a capsule with two seats. This capsule can take off with the help of the huge drones. They attach to the car when the customers ask for it and, after the customer reached the wanted destination, they return to their special station to recharge.

Airbus collaborated with Italdesign on this wonder vehicle. This is a firm based in Italy that specializes in engineering and design.

The CEO of Italdesign is absolutely sure that in the following years, transportation will reach new levels. He even thinks that tridimensional transportation will be a thing in a few years.

Their ‘transformer’ taxi sounds pretty good. All the customer has to do is book their trip on their application. They instantly learn about the best way of transportation that will lead them to their destination fast and safe and cheap.

After Pop Up looks at all the possibilities, they advise you on what to choose: the ground, air transportation or even both.

This system will not be available pretty soon though. It is expected to start working in 2024 or even in 2027.

However, Airbus’ main purpose is to avoid the traffic congestion that will definitely strike in about ten years.