Mercedes produced the most expensive SUV in the world. The car is packed with lots of power and looks amazing.

It is a Maybach model that features a retractable roof and high-tech skills.

Its full name is Mercedes Maybach G-Class 650 and, indeed, has a huge price. The car costs roughly 500K dollars. It is also a limited edition as only 99 models will be manufactured.

The impressive automobile was launched at the Geneva show. It is packed with serious power, features a V12 engine and has 630 hp.

It is also pretty massive. The Maybach is seventeen feet long and has about seven feet in height. It has space enough for four persons and thanks to the fabric roof, the ones in the back have the possibility to retract the roof.

The interior of the car is just as impressive as the exterior. Thermal cups and tables are placed between the seats. A partition made of glass that changes colors can separate the compartments. The media displays feature a high resolution.

According to Guethenke, who is in charge of the SUVs at Mercedes, this car is the embodiment of luxury and is also perfect to take the road. It is great on every type of terrain. It has the ability to overcome any obstacle from along the way, even the most dangerous ones.

The vehicle will be available for purchase in September.

The German brand first launched their G-class models in ’79. When making this model, they combined both tradition and the latest technology.