Ok, beauty sure gave them a helping hand when they won their first casting in Hollywood.

But, not only their perfect looks was that one thing keeping them on the flow.

Here are some of Hollywoods top models who have turned into great actresses.

Halle Berry

Her perfect appearance seems to have maintained in her 50s without a problem. It’s not a surprise to anyone, if we remember the bomb she was in her youth years.

Thus, Halle has taken her first steps in the American showbiz as a model, posing for some advertising campaigns and fashion publications.

But, she turned to modeling as a necessity. She needed money for a living while finishing her studies.

She started to gain more and more popularity; it was then when she raised the issue, for the first time in her life, whether it would be a good idea to become an actress. All said and done!

Charlize Theron

As a teenager, she had dreams of becoming a dancer. But, at 16, she won a modeling contract and considered it to be an opportunity that was too good to be missed.

She never gave up her dream, so, in parallel, she often trained and practiced her dance moves. When she was about to see her dream coming true, she suffered a knee injury that ended her career as a dancer forever.

But, one door closes and another opens, is not it?

Cameron Diaz

When she was only 20 years, she had no experience as an actress, but only a beautiful face, a gorgeous body and a fledged reputation as a sex symbol, derived from her modeling career.

And, this whole package is more than any Hollywood director and producer would ever wish for.