After yesterday, when all the media agencies were roaring that two Hollywood celebs, who used to have a very tumultuous relationship, decided to give each other another shot, we found this.

Jennifer Garner seems to have an obviously pregnant belly as these images taken yesterday by the paparazzi are hinting us.

Garner was snapshotted while she was out on a shopping tour in Los Angeles with two of her children, Violet and Samuel.

May this be the reason that Jennifer and Ben Affleck are back together, granting one another a second chance?

Their marriage was crazy, with lots of fights, breakups, makeups and threats of divorcing.

It seems that the two just can’t stay away from each other.

Even during the period when they were not a couple anymore, they kept living under the same roof, along with the couple’s three children, daughters Violet and Seraphina, aged 11 and 8 years respectively, and son Samuel, aged 5 years.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have plans to expand their family with another member? Or is it just the way the actress thinks she’s going to resuscitate her marriage?

For what concerns her most recent appearance, dressed in a blue shirt and jeans, Garner has a quite prominent belly.

We know that Jen has had, in the past, fattening tendencies, but this one seems to be the belly of a pregnant woman.

The two Hollywood stars split up in June 2015, one day after their 10th years anniversary as a couple, after Jen learned that Ben had an affair with their nanny.

Their quarrels were also caused by Ben’s alcohol problems and by the fact that he is a womanizer who often spends his nights clubbing with his friends.