Yes, that’s right: the trophy for the most stylish mommy in Hollywood goes to none other than gorgeous Amal Clooney!

It’s a fairly busy time for Clooney’s wife! The lawyer Amal Clooney, although in the second quarter of her pregnancy (she and her husband are expecting twins, by the way) does not plan to slow down with work.

Amal is preparing to enter the last trimester of her pregnancy and still wanders New Yorks’ courts.

Paparazzi have caught again on their cameras the gorgeous attorney, aged 39 years, while walking the streets of New York.

On Thursday, as she was heading for the United Nations headquarters, where she was expected to deliver a speech in a session that treated the fight against immunity for atrocities, paparazzi did their jobs pretty well.

Apparently, Amal Clooney did not give up her elegant and sophisticated style and we’re glad she didn’t.

What caught our attention was the really stylish outfit she opted for.

We are thrilled to see that Amal did not change her elegant dressing manner, now that her pregnancy begins to be increasingly more visible, with every day that passes.

Amal Clooney bewitched us, dressed in a yellow dress and a matching coat. George Clooney’s wife is, undoubtedly, the most stylish mommy of the moment.

If we were to make a top of the most stylish pregnant Hollywood stars of the moment, of course, we wouldn’t leave behind stars such as Amanda Seyfried, Irina Shayk, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and, clearly, the one and only Beyonce.