Ed Sheeran recently released his album, “Divide”. With his new songs, the artist had a major success, but not even him could predict something like this. In the past week, the Brit had nine songs in the top ten.

Everyone knew that his new album was going to be a big hit, but actually having so many hit songs on the list never crossed our minds.

The singer himself is stunned by this crazy success. He expected a couple of songs from his album to be big hits, such as “Shape of You”, but he never imagined that people would actually have a thing for all of them.

In an interview with Radio 1, Ed said that something definitely went wrong, he never thought that something like this would happen to him. Even if he is taken aback by this, Sheeran is, of course, extremely happy.

His latest album has become the fastest selling album owned by a male in the United Kingdom. The artist sold 672K copies in the first week. In the first day of release, 232K copies were sold.

‘Divide’ has sixteen tracks and all of them are featured on the top twenty list.

With this album, Sheeran really made it. He broke tons of records in the UK.

After a two-year wait, the fans showed the Brit how much they love his music and how much they waited for it. With this album, Ed changed things a bit, he changed the beat and everything that characterized his music before. Judging by the success, his fans really loved the change.