Yesterday, the Tesla CEO made a bet on Twitter. Elon Musk wrote that the batteries produced by his company are so powerful that within one hundred days, they can solve South Australia’s energy issue.

In a conversation on the social media platform with another business mogul, Elon said that if these batteries are are not up and running within one hundred days, he will then pay for the entire process.

Mike Cannon–Brookes is the one that challenged Musk. In the following week, he will try to find money for funding Elon’s project and then, they will see if the batteries are really that good.

The system that Tesla is going to launch costs about $33.2. This price includes the shipping, costs of installation and others. The system has 100MWh.

A similar system was launched in California recently. It was pulled off in ninety days and has only 80MWh. So, the chances this one works are pretty big.

The South Australian Government is interested in this system and is available for discussions. The minister of Energy said that he would be willing to talk with Musk. In case the system is installed, the private sector would have to be the one to pay for it.

The energy issue in South Australia is real. They are really dependent on it. If a system like Tesla’s works, then their problem can be solved. Something needs to be done anyway, so it’s worth trying the version that Musk offers.

Right now, they are trying to make the renewable energy work, but that is actually making things worse.