white house

A man jumped the fence of the White House this Friday. Because the president was inside the building, the man got arrested by the secrete services.

He was wearing a backpack, khakis and a hoodie. He tried to entry the property at about the middle of the night. The Secrete Services observed him immediately and took him into custody.

The man was no real danger. His backpack contained nothing that could have been used as a weapon, only a few cans of maze and his passport. The grounds were also searched and nothing that could pose a threat was found.

However, the man did have a letter for the president with him. The man declared that he wanted to see Trump, he is a friend of his.

The intruder has 26 years old and is from California.

After the man was arrested, president Donald Trump was informed about this. The White House was then put under a more tighter security.

Actually, things like this happen almost all the time. This is the first time Trump encounters this since in charge. The former president, Barack Obama, went to lots of breaches during his eight years.

According to law enforcement sources, the man that tried to breach the White House had no criminal record. He was, also, not on the secrete services’ radar.

The man will face a judge in court tomorrow. The charges he will face are for unlawful entry. However, the judge will not hold him further as he didn’t pose a real threat.