Victoria Beckham is a very busy designer, who has to constantly travel and work. While she is so busy, her husband has taken all the responsibility in the house with their four children.

David Beckham has became the perfect stay-at-home dad. The retired Football player is taking care of their children and most of all, of the youngest, Harper.

The 41-year-old shared plenty of pictures of the latest chores he performed at home. Who would have thought that this tattooed hunk is actually good at cooking and sewing?

David is truly a model for all the dad’s out there. Family has changed him a lot. His routine is much different now: he stars the day by taking his kids to school and finishes the day by cooking a pie.

Given on his daily routine, we can say that David has become the perfect suburban housewife. Apart from taking care of the children, he has time to workout, see his friends at lunch and walk his dog through the park.

What’s more, David has even picked up a passion for interior design. Last Christmas he was the one to decorate the family’s house in the UK.

David definitely has a soft spot for his youngest, Harper. The 5-year-old has became the favorite. The proud daddy is doing everything for her: he sews her doll’s dress, takes her to kindergarten and ballet lessons and reads bedtime stories.

The Beckham family spend most of their time in the United Kingdom. So, this is definitely a great place for David to spend time with his family and enjoy the nature.