adele concert

It seems pretty obvious to us that Adele is pregnant for the second time.

Here’s the clue that led us to this conclusion.

Adele concert in the bathroom.

The singer’s latest Instagram photo displayed her singing in the bathroom.

But, the picture was kind of intriguing for the artist’s fans.

The singer caused a stir among her virtual friends, who have started to speculate that she is pregnant for the second time.

Aged 28 years, Adele stormed the internet on Sunday with her Instagram page, after she uploaded a photo during the rehearsals for the ANZ Stadium Adele concert.

The artist was singing in the bathroom, keeping one hand on her belly.

All her fans have wondered if Adele is really pregnant.

We would not be surprised at all by this news because the diva has always been very discreet about her personal life.

Also, she always likes to spread the big news to her fans during concerts, in jest.

Recently, the British singer confirmed that she’s married to the father of her child, Simon Kinocki. After months of speculation and rumors, the news came during one of her concerts.

The artist of British origins has a little boy, Angelo-James, aged four years, whose father is the businessman, Simon Konecki.

Last fall, Adele took everyone by surprise with a statement at her concert in Phoenix:

“I will have another baby.” Clearly, she was not pregnant back then, but equally clear is that she was planning to conceive another baby as soon as possible. Go go, Adele!