Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seemed to be the perfect couple. The news of their divorce left everybody speechless, as it came out of nowhere.

It seems like the decision was taken out of a sudden, as months before, the two were praising their love for each other through tattoos.

Several pictures of the actress getting a massive tattoo on her back emerged. She and Brad, with whom she was still married, were in Cambodia in the home of a former Thai monk, who tattooed the 41-year-old.

This technique is much painful than any other one and requires better skills. Jolie bare up all the pain and showed how strong she is by opting not for just one, but three tattoos. All of them are pretty massive and located on her back along with the ones the actress already had.

The artist combined various styles in the tattoos. He used many geometrical shapes, animal shapes and scripts written in Cambodian.

Brad also got a tattoo that features a series of Buddhist symbols. He chose to have it on his stomach.

The arts the former couple had inked were supposed to honor their love and bond. It was a symbol for their their marriage and was meant to bind them.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last much after. They got these tattoos in February, last year, whereas they announced their separation in the fall.

Besides these three inks, Jolie has a whole bunch of other tattoos. She has about twelve and all of them feature Cambodian or Buddhist symbols.