The infamous luxury car brand stepped up its game and came up with a yacht that screams glamour and wealth.

Bugatti released its new product recently. It is entitled Niniette 66 and will be available for sale next year. The French company drew inspiration from their Bugatti Chiron when creating this yacht.

Just like the supercar, the yacht has the same luxurious look and is pretty expensive. Such a yacht can have a price that stars from one million and a half dollars.

Their latest product is a limited edition, only 66 will be manufactured.

The yacht features a large open deck and some of the best materials: fine leather, natural blue oak and carbon fiber. It also has a jacuzzi and a champagne bar along with a sun pad. This yacht was created for only two people, but it is spacious enough to welcome more.

The ones that purchase this yacht will also get to enjoy the master suite. The room is spacious and luxurious and features a massive bed. Also, in case of guests on board, the living room has a large sofa.

A command center that seems to come from the future is featured. The owners can use it to monitor and control the yacht, but for entertainment as well.

The team from Bugatti wanted their yacht to resemble their brand. When a person looks at it, they need to be able to tell that this is something created by them.

This yacht is the result of a partnership between Bugatti and Palmer Johnson.

The first models will be out in March, next year.