The former First Lady announced a while ago that she will be a guest at “Masterchef Junior”. Now, we finally have a first look at the episode that is going to air soon.

Michelle Obama is great with kids and loves healthy eating, so, it would definitely be amazing to see what she will challenge the competitors to do.

Michelle surprises the competitors with a video in which she presents them her challenge from the mystery box. Of course, she drew inspiration from the garden she had at the White House when picking this challenge.

The moment the contestants see the video, they freak out. One girl was completely astounded by this, as Michelle is her idol and the woman she looks up to. The girl even calls her ‘wonder woman’. Well, we agree with her on that.

Then, Michelle explains why she chose this mystery box. She has always been passioned about having kids eating nurturing food that will make them grow strong. Her challenge perfectly captures her passion for healthy food.

The contestants need to create a dish that is completely original and healthy. But that’s not all. They also need to respect a rule, the one entitled “my plate”. Their plate needs to contain fruits, veggies, dairy, whole grains and protein.

This challenge could not be better. Although the contestants freaked out a little bit, Michelle’s idea was perfect.

The episode will air right this week, Thursday. You will be able to see it on FOX at 8Pm.