Global warming already affects us big time, but we the figures we had so far are slightly wrong, compared to the actual situation.

The good part is that we do better when it comes to measuring the ocean temperature.

The bad news is really bad: the new measurements show that the water warms faster than we previously thought.

A new study gathered together all the available data on the warming oceans between 1960 and 2015.

The study represents what appears to be the most accurate analysis of climate changes occurring in the oceans.

The study results revealed that the oceans heated with 13% faster than expected.

The first step was to correct the possible bias of the previous measurements. Then, the measured temperatures were linked to the computerized data on climatic patterns.

The third step was to use the world’s knowledge about the temperatures and use them properly to get the correct figures.

The measurement techniques that have been used starting in the late 1950s, showed us that global warming effects have changed significantly over the last 60 years.

One of the key points of the study is the accelerated rate of ocean warming, which is 13% higher than previously thought.

In addition, the study shows that, since 1990, the warmth has arrived in depths of over 700 meters.

As data becomes more precise, and the old information are correlated with the new ones, it is becoming increasingly clear that the situation is more serious than ever.

Also, the climate effects will reach that crucial point where they will become irreversible much earlier than we thought.