In the insane race for smart gadgets coming from a wide variety of areas, Google and Levis have released the details of the first smart jacket.

Coming right after smartphones and smart homes, the creators of the most popular pair of jeans have decided to announce a collaboration with Google.

The first smart jacket is to be released soon.

Taking the idea of wearables to a whole new level, Levis Commuter X could be the first product of its kind.

In addition, it is far from being a futuristic prototype that will hit the markets in five years from now.

The first smart jacket will arrive in stores this fall at a quite affordable price, of just $ 360.

The collaboration began more than two years ago.

This product appears to be the first of a whole series of smart clothes that will be launched in the coming years.

The concept at the basis of the intelligent coat was to develop a denim touch-sensitive surface.

Basically, through the gestures made with your fingers on the sleeve, you can interact with the smartphone in your pocket or carry out a series of other bushy actions.

Levis’ coat, created in collaboration with Google, has been revealed for the first time at SWSX 2017.

It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Apparently, the electronics system will be integrated into the cuff, together with the sensitive gesture area.

So, while you pedal you can adjust the music volume of your smartphone, change the song, answer a call or get GPS information.

As expected, the functionality can be customized according to the activities you undertake the most or that are the most useful to you.