Tonight, Manchester United faces a big game against Chelsea. Jose Mourinho, Manchester’s current manager, also worked for Chelsea, so, this game is important for him.

While he was featured to Chelsea, the team had a little bit of a problem with its strikers. It seems like tonight Mourinho will have the same problem with his new team.

It will be interesting to see how the team will pull if off with so many of its players not able to be on the field.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Manchester’s megastar this season, will, unfortunately, not be able to play this evening. The player is suspended. This is incredibly bad news for Mourinho and his club, as the Swedish player was the one that scored the most lately.

Wayne Rooney, another star of the club, will also be a no-show tonight. The player is injured and hasn’t been playing since the end of January.

Anthony Martial is also injured. James Wilson, although pretty much forgotten, will also not grace the field tonight. Marcus Rashford is not in a good state and therefore, will not play.

The tactics for tonight will have to be complex to pull this off. Right now, the manager lacks of players in the front line. His choices are limited and what sports connoisseurs think he will do is bring the midfield unit.

But, there is also a big chance that Mourinho has one last trick up his sleeve. Who knows, maybe he will miraculously get a striker by tonight.