For a very long time, there were rumors about who’s Prince Harry’s real father. A lot of controversy was sparked when it was claimed that actually the one that is Harry’s father is not Charles, but James Hewitt.

Thea man used to date the late Princess Diana and has been rumored to be her youngest son’s father for a long time. Now, he finally sets the record straight. In a recent interview, the 58-year-old man was asked blatantly if he is Harry’s father.

Hewitt’s response was very simple and forward: “No, I’m not”. He thinks that this story was invented for money and publicity by the media. The only one that has to suffer from this is Prince Harry, “poor chap”.

Princess Di and James met a couple of years after William was born. He came to instruct her on how to ride. People thought that cheating with him on her husband would have been her way to get revenge. In the same period, it was thought that Prince Charles started seeing his current wife, Camilla, and he cheated on Diana.

Hewitt did open up about his affair with the late princess. He said that they could not get enough of each other and that he even wanted to take her out of the spotlight. They did pretty casual things together: walk on the beach, cook and just relax.

After their relationship was made public, the rumors regarding Harry also appeared. Some think that the two look alike and even compare picture of them to emphasize the similarities.