People are a species with many body resources, but when it comes to hair, we often tend to wonder what is its main utility.

Speaking of body parts, people have a few that seem to be unnecessary and are there just to occupy the empty space.

Meanwhile, it seems that we can do without the appendix, nipples (for men) and the wisdom teeth.

Scientists claim that all these could be simple remnants of our past evolutionary species.

Equally, though body hair can have an aesthetic role – imagine how we would look without eyebrows – we wonder what other uses does it have.

To start with, although we could consider that we have very little body hair, people are covered in more than five million hair follicles.

In fact, apart from the surface of the head, the areas which have the highest concentration of hair are the nostrils.

The presence of hair on the mammals’ body is to protect and maintain their body temperature, especially because they have to adapt to harsh environmental conditions.

In humans, the same principle is respected (unfortunately).

Thus, experts say that the hair on our bodies is designed to regulate our body temperature.

When it’s cold outside, the tiny muscles surrounding the hair follicles are causing the hair lifting and this allows maintaining our body heat.

Basically, this happens when you get goose bumps.

Considering those things, body hair starts to make sense.

In addition, eyelashes, eyebrows and nose hair have their particular usefulness, that is to protect the organs from the dirt in the atmosphere.

But, speaking of hair on the other areas of our bodies, scientists are not yet sure about the role it plays.