Air Bar is the new gadget that will give you a touchscreen experience on your Macbook Air laptop.

Those who have long wished that MBAir laptops have touchscreens will now have the opportunity of experiencing this concept through Air Bar device.

Although we have seen many hybrid tablets with Windows in recent years, the folks at Apple have endeavored not to create any common desktop with a sensitive touch panel.

That ambition was very important because it made the work of bringing such experiences on MBAir quite difficult.

As long as the support for touchscreens misses from the operating system, every gesture is significantly harder to implement. But, it seems that it is not impossible.

Air Bar is a discrete form of a bar which can be placed under the screen of a MBAir laptop to associate it with touchscreen abilities.

For the first time, the thick set of sensors integrated into the device identifies fingers gestures using more than one finger made on the multitouch screen.

Like the iPhone, Air Bar lets you pinch to zoom in and out. With two fingers placed on the screen, you can rotate various elements on an interface.

The demonstration seemed very convincing.

Another function of the iPhone inspired the Air Bar creators to move the icons from Launchpad and rearranging them into folders.

Because of the limitations of MBAir, Air Bar does not provide an incredible level of precision, but most of the functions offered by this little device are working very well.