are aliens real

We often wonder, are aliens real?

But, most important, are aliens green little men?

This alien image was propagated for many decades in the public mind through Sci-Fi movies and television channels.

For most people, these little green men relate to one thing, namely the extraterrestrial life.

This description of the extraterrestrial beings is accompanied by the image created and propagated in the mass media – some malevolent individuals who come from other planets to disrupt life on Earth.

But, where does this idea of alien invaders originates in and how did it get to be globally used when we refer to visitors coming from other planets?

The idea originates in an English legend, dating back from the twelfth century.

The story is known as the “Wolpit’s green children”.

This folklore story is described in detail in a study published in 2006. The legend mentions the unexpected appearance of two children with green skin near the village of Wolpit, located in the East of England.

This syntagm was first used in 1940, in Harold Lawyor’s story, entitled `Small green men in Mayaya`.

Also, Frederic Brownn, in his `Martians, Go Home` creation from 1955, perpetuated the image of green-skinned invaders.

However, in this work, he discards the negative image of aliens, who appear as rather annoying individuals who prefer to spend their time making jokes and pranks on people.

Basically, the image we created highlights our deep human characteristics.

Whether we consider these the creations of cinema or literature, the little green men illustrate our need for storytelling.

So, again, are aliens real? They might be, but thinking they’re some tiny green folks is only the product of our imagination.


  1. The term “little green men”was used by an Italian in the late 1940s. This Italian had a close encounter of the first kind…he saw the crsft and he saw the aliens which he called the little green men. because of the colour of their uniforms.