Chuck Norris dead

Chuck Norris will be the star of an action game for Android and iOS.

If you’re a fan of action movies with Chuck Norris, then this game that will soon launch for iOS and Android it’s definitely made for you.

Chuck Norris have just turned 77 years and now he’s coming up with his very own game. What a cool birthday present he received!

Over the time, Chuck Norris has been the subject of innumerable jokes, based on his ability to be a great fighter (for example, when night comes, bogeyman looks under his bed to make sure that Norris is not there).

So, maybe here’s our chance to see Chuck Norris dead, for nothing killed him in his movies.

Thus, Nonstop Chuck Norris is the game that will hit the markets in late April and will be available for Android and iOS.

The game can be downloaded for free. And, you will be able to help Chuck Norris fight with dozens and hundreds of enemies.

In parallel, you will find jokes and information about the main character of the game.

Chuck Norris dead could handle his enemies with his bare hands.

But, if you want to make the action juicier, you can make killing Norris’ enemies much more fun by using folding chairs, chainsaws, and even selfie sticks.

In addition, you can also use his signature moves, including the famous roundhouse kick.

Flare games, the company that developed the game, said that “it is the dream of every manufacturer to create a game for Chuck Norris.”

According to them, the game is quite simple, so anyone can play it. Also, the game will not require a permanent Internet connection, so it can be played anytime, even if your wifi gives you headaches.