Eva Longoria, gone are the days when you were able to take our breaths away with your spectacular body!

It seems that Eva Longoria doesn’t seem too concerned with her body anymore.

She lost her voluptuous forms, as we found out from her latest photoshoot.

The actress, aged 41 years, put on some extra pounds that don’t look good on her at all.

When we say Eva Longoria, we automatically think at that hot latin diva who held, for several years, the title of `the sexiest woman in the world`.

Now, however, the reality is different. It seems we’re only left with the sweet memories.

Why do we say this? For the latest images taken on the set while filming an advertisement shows us Eva Longoria bikini silhouette more corpulent than ever.

This is how she looks now!

True, she’s now married to Anton Jose Baston, but that’s not an excuse for gaining weight.

She’s no longer restricting herself from eating, as we could see in the above picture.

Eva Longoria withdrew from public attention and devoted herself to her family life. Nothing to blame, it’s just surprising to see how the actress’ looks recently.

However, the pictures she posts on her Instagram account are tricking her audience, cause they are either edited or old.

And, if we are to enter into details regarding this recent photo shoot, we should mention that her swimsuit doesn’t help her at all.

Quite the contrary. Her thighs are highlighted, her breasts are flattened and her fake tan `perfectly` complements the picture.

Eva Longoria bikini body is disappointing.


  1. Adina. Besides blaming a beautiful woman for gaining 5 kg, what do you do to improve the life of others ? Don’t you feel unusefull in this word ?