Prince William skipped a very important royal event to go to Switzerland and party with his friends. Here, the royal has been seen chatting with a gorgeous Aussie model. While he is doing this, his wife is at home, in the UK, taking care of his two children.

So, what does this mean? Is the prince interested in this model?

Yesterday, he was seen having a fun lunch with the model from Australia. They enjoyed a few drinks and tons of laughter. A night before, William was in the club, partying until the dawn. Him and his friends had fun in a fancy club.

The same day that William chose to party, his grandmother celebrated an important event. Queen Elizabeth was joined by her whole family, minus William, at the Westminster Abbey. Here, they were celebrating Commonwealth Day.

The 34-year-old was spending time with model named Sophie Taylor meanwhile. They seemed to have a blast, as they shared a high five and laughed in the restaurant. Other beautiful models were around. Taylor and the others joined William and his friends in the club the previous night.

The ones who know Taylor describe her as a confident and down to earth girl, she isn’t shy to party with royals.

According to sources, the Prince left England for the weekend. While he partied, his wife was at home with their two kids.

William’s decision to skip this day and the service is definitely going to draw criticism from the Brits. The prince already received backlash from people, who think he is not fulfilling his royal duties.