melly cyrus

Rumor has it that Melly Cyrus got married, in secret, with the love of her life, Liam Hemsworth.

By accident, her sister let the cat out of the bag.

For several months, we have been talking and wondering about Cyrus’ wedding plans with Liam Hemsworth.

And, recently, speculations that the two got married in secret took the internet by storm.

Well, the artist’s sister wanted to make certain clarifications in this case.

It has been rumored that Melly Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth said yes in secret.

It all started with that artist’s sister and father.

Furthermore, this Thursday, they have both posted a picture with Miley smiling in a white dress, with a congratulations caption.

“I’m so happy when you are happy”, was the message that tricked Miley’s fans into believing that that artist got married to her fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

The photo that created the online hysteria

Therefore, Noah Cyrus was asked by journalists whether her sister got married in the meantime.

“She’s not married”, was the short message that Noah transmitted to those interested in her sister’s marital status.

As her sister’s future husband, Noah had only words of praise. “I love him!”, said the young artist when asked about her future brother in law.

A family of artists

Billy Ray also wanted to clarify that his daughter was not married.

“Those were just some great photos where Melly Cyrus happened to be dressed in a white dress”, said Billy on Friday.

So, we will have to wait a little longer until seeing Miley Cyrus in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle.