Naomi Campbell age

Naomi Campbell is as beautiful as ever, but did she turn to botox injections?

Once upon a time, she was the one and only queen of all the fashion catwalks around the world.

Those days are gone for good, but Naomi Campbell age still continues to shine with her every public appearance.

She has now reached the age of 46 years, but she looks as gorgeous as ever.

Naomi’s complexion is flawless, exactly like in her golden era.

The British diva was asked to join an Italian show, so we got the chance to see Naomi Campbell age shine on the screens.

On March 12, the British supermodel was invited to `Che Tempo Che Fa` TV show to bring a tribute to her recently deceased friend, Franca Sozzani, the Italian editor of Vogue.

On this occasion, Naomi wore a long, electric blue dress with a sexy cut, leaving her super silhouette at sight, reminding us of her glory days.

At one point, Naomi burst into tears, while speaking of her dear friend.

Moreover, even her beautiful ebony face looks untouched by time. Her face is luminous and radiant, without any wrinkles.

However, her flawless skin makes us a little suspicious. Did Naomi fell victim to botox injections?

Either way, if Naomi indeed turned to aesthetic surgery, she did it with a lot of common sense, so we cannot exactly tell.

Well done, Naomi!

Here is a photo gallery of the stunning modelling bomb from March 12, `Che Tempo Che Fa` TV show!