Young Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren left us staring in amazement at her natural beauty.

Young Helen Mirren has always been a notable appearance.

Now, even at 71 years, she is flawless. It seems that time was kind to her.

So, the actress was photographed for a skin care campaign, encouraging all the women to appear as natural as possible, without too much makeup and “to reveal a little more.”

Helen Mirren looks better without tons of makeup.

Dressed in a white shirt with a lace bra underneath, young Helen Mirren displayed her amazing skin, looking much brighter and younger than during the red carpet events, where her face is always full of makeup products.

“Why skin care should focus only on your face? Open your blouse”, she said.

Helen is the ambassador for an anti-aging campaign of a worldwide known brand.

The Oscar winner has demonstrated once again that less is more, so she posed with less makeup and, in our opinion, she looked much younger and more beautiful than ever.

The photoshoot challenged the diva, who demonstrated she is brave enough to show the world her real face.

Helen is known for she had the guts to undergo astounding changes for the roles she played in movies such as “The Queen” and “Arthur”.

“I used to worry more about my appearance than I do now. I think the big advantage to aging is that you let go of certain things. That being said, I think all women worry about aging to a greater or lesser extent, the same as men”, added the actress.

But, that does not mean you can not look spectacular, even at 71 years.

Helen showed us that everything is possible if you take good care of yourself.