Apple news

Apple has just hired one of the most popular creators of jailbreak solutions, in a time when more and more companies focus on data security.

Just days after WikiLeaks published a series of secret CIA projects, Apple news was among the first companies that have addressed these revelations.

The Cupertino giant officials were quick to mention that all iOS vulnerabilities detailed in those documents have already been remedied.

It seems that Apple news wants to make increased efforts to enhance the security of its terminals.

An important step in this direction was made by hiring Jonathan Ždiarska.

Most likely, this name is completely alien to you.

Ždiarska was but one of the core members of the community of passionate jailbreakers.

He preferred to hide his true identity under the pseudonym Nerve Gas.

He has found a significant number of vulnerabilities in iOS and iPhones.

Subsequently, these vulnerabilities were used to obtain a jailbreak solution.

At the same time, if some malicious individuals laid hands on them, they could have used it with more serious consequences.

‘I am happy to announce that I have accepted the position of a team member for Apple news iOS and I am very excited to work with a group of people so passionate about protecting the security and privacy of others’.

Privacy is sacred; our digital lives can reveal so many things about us, our interests, deepest thoughts and even who we love.

Of course, this is a little step, but Apple’s intention to hire individuals specializing in jailbreak solutions is certainly an action in the right direction.