Bradley Cooper and his gorgeous model girlfriend announced their pregnancy last year. Now, to celebrate the arrival of their baby, that will probably be soon, they held a spectacular baby shower.

A source close to the happy couple delivered the news. This month, they hosted a bash in Los Angeles. Family members and their closest friend were there to celebrate the arrival of their firstborn.

The insider also dished on the father-to-be. Like usual, Bradley kept his cool and handled the situation perfectly. He helped his mother around, checked to see if everything goes according to plans and was the perfect host. Of course, Cooper must have supported his beautiful girlfriend.

The bash was held at their home during the day. They just decorated their house a little bit, nothing too fancy. The mom-to-be received plenty of gifts for her and her baby and most of them are high-end. From toys, to fancy outfits for her baby, the Russian model received plenty of things.

The couple was really happy and had huge smiled plastered on their faces, dishes the insider. Irina must have been the happiest, as they day revolved around her mostly.

The source also gave a scoop on how pregnancy has been for Irina. She had a lot of cravings, but she likes to indulge. But this does not mean that she doesn’t treat her body well. The model works out frequently and has a personal trainer.

Bradley and Irina still haven’t revealed the gender of their baby. They are really private about their relationship, so they will keep a little mystery around their baby as well.