You’ll definitely fall in love with Jonah Hill! We sure did!

He lost weight and he’s unrecognizable now.

For his role in “War Dogs”, Jonah had to gain 18 kg.

Now, however, he got rid of all those extra kilos and more, we note, judging by these recent photos, caught on the street, while the actor was leaving a gym in Los Angeles.

The other day versus his 2015 looks

Jonah Hill looks better than ever! The actor, aged 33 years, is now in great shape, managing somehow to lose tens of kilograms.

How? By adopting a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet, composed mainly of Japanese food, but also increasing his physical activity.

Moreover, paparazzi caught Jonah Hill exactly when he was leaving a gym in Los Angeles, where he got used to going and train for several months already.

The actor appears in the images wearing a blue shirt, a pair of shorts and some white sneakers.

His appearance made us realize how good he actually looks like.

Also, during the Golden Globes, Jonah Hill displayed a completely different figure.

Talking about the changes he has made in his life, Jonah said he went to a nutritionist who recommended him to keep a diary of everything he eats.

But, Jonah admitted that he also turned to his friend Channing Tatum for advice on nutrition.

“I called on Channing Tatum and I asked: if I’ll eat less and go to a personal coach will I lose weight? And he said to me < Of course, you idiot, of course you’ll lose weight. It’s the easiest thing in the world >”, confessed Hill.

The two played together in “21 Jump Street” series.

The next character Hill will play is a person with mental problems, admitted in a special institution.